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A.C.E. Kids Pre-schools

A.C.E. Kids Pre-schools is a friendly & family-oriented chain of preschools for children. It is based on the idea of imparting value-added education through play. Like the saying goes “Catch them Young”, we at A.C.E. believe that imparting only bookish education is not enough for these youngsters of the future. Therefore our curriculum is mainly focused on the development of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills of the child, which enhances the conceptual understanding of things. Everything from the curriculum and space encourages that.

Our intent is for every child to learn things in a playful and fun way, in a home-like environment without regimenting a child’s perspective of learning. To achieve this, in addition to the knowledge imparted through books, we have fun activities like field visits, brain yoga, neighborhood walks, EPL activities, and workshops that help in improving the child’s cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills, communication, mathematical ability, logical thinking, etc.,

Our staff includes a team of qualified and experienced early childhood teachers and caretakers, who give their utmost care and attention to a child’s personal pace of learning, and the holistic development of every child. It's one of the things that makes us special.

Our daycare facilities (We have children from age bracket 1 year to 12 years) are a feather in the cap, where children are given an at-home atmosphere and aid in their overall development. Our daycare has exciting activities every day which combine entertainment and education. Safety of the kids is paramount but using that time to improve their neuron function is even more essential for us and hence, we take extra care in deciding their day to day physical and mental activities.

The After-School activities that we have in A.C.E. Kids, help the kids in developing their interests and spending their time productively. Our school offers classes in War Horse, Yoga, Cuemath, Hindi, Sanskrit, German languages, Drawing, Carnatic music, Western Dance, Instrumental music, Stacking, to name a few. And they are conducted by people, who are "Best in Class" so that we ensure that Our kids in A.C.E. Kids get nothing but the BEST.

A.C.E. Kids Pre-schools

A.C.E. Kids Pre-schools
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A.C.E. Kids Pre-schools